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Women Yoga Ottawa

A Health Coach...

Is a ‘change agent’ for all ages. As a Health Coach, I listen.

I help you find the motivation to get started and create consistent habits that keep you going.



A Health Coach understands health as a whole.

You can eat all of the broccoli in the world and still not be a healthy person.

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My approach to Health Coaching is unique.

First, we start with your Foundations – your movement, your nutrition, your rest and your play.

There are other areas of life that we can explore and address as well but first let’s start with what’s at the core of your well-being.

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I can help

Health Coach Ottawa

For more information on coaching

in your circle of life -

Visit my Life Coaching page


We can address any or all of these depending on the imbalances. My version of success is ‘your health is your wealth’, and it works every single time.

Ready to activate, breakthrough, and even transform?


Book a free 20 mins consultation


Schedule an Initial


Contact me anytime if you have questions!


Ready to make some much

needed changes?


In this initial coaching appointment,

we will discuss and evaluate any or all areas of your circle of life, health, nutrition and fitness. We will talk about your challenges and goals and start to formulate a plan of action.

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Begin. Take the first steps to making changes in your life, health, nutrition and or fitness.




Get ready to commit and finally break through your challenges and reach your goals.




All-in. Connect to your core physically, emotionally or both to find freedom and peace.

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